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LUNAR GPS FOR ALL tracking fulfills your GPS tracking needs in ways that no other company in the world can.  Lunar GPS offers real time tracking of your vehicles and your employees not available from any other company in the industry.  Lunar GPS tracking provides you with the capacity to view in real time data, location, geo fencing, gas usage, mileage and more.  Each unit is designed to your particular fleet needs, whether you have one vehicle or more than a thousand vehicles.  Fleet GPS tracking units from Lunar are produced by our company in the shape and size with hardware and software fitted precisely to the demands of your business.


Using your computer, tablet or smart phone, you can conveniently monitor each vehicle or employee in real time.

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The tracking app lets you know exactly when your vehicle has arrived at its destination.  Our system also gives you real time tracking information about the vehicle, including, location, speed, direction, altitude, distance travelled and more.  You can also control the speed of the vehicle using the features that our system offers.  These capabilities allow you to manage your company efficiently and to track and dispatch your fleet in the most effective and productive manner.  You always know exactly where each vehicle is contemporaneously.  So if a vehicle is stolen or not at the assigned location or out of service, you can act at once to secure it.

Lunar GPS tracking also offers optional features, including remote viewing cameras, trailer connect and disconnect, letting you know immediately if a trailer is detached from the truck, alerts for engine shut off, which can be set to notify you after a specified time that the engine has been turned off so that you can monitor the length of time the vehicle is out of service, whether for lunch or dinner breaks, or other lapses in operation.  You can monitor engine idle time which you can set for five minutes, or any length of time which you select.  You can review all such data in real time as it is occurring so that you are able to take immediate action.


Lunar GPS for All owns and operates its own server so that there is no dependency on an outside source.  Nothing stands between you and the optimal management of your business assets and employees. With Lunar GPS exclusive app for your computer, tablet or smart phone, you will always know exactly where your employees are.  You can track their productivity and efficiency so that you can maximize the effective use of employees’ time.


Lunar GPS further offers 24-hour technical support so that all of your needs are taken care of immediately.  Let Lunar GPS solve all of your tracking needs and show you how your business can benefit from the most up to date, proficient and unique GPS fleet tracking in the world.

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