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Lunar GPS For All is the leader in the industry of GPS tracking, offering the most advanced system in the field, featuring the unique advantages of real time contemporaneous tracking, protection of user’s privacy, ease of use and units designed for each individual user.   LUNAR GPS tracking is globally used in today’s world. It has proven to be convenient, useful and even life saving.


Lunar GPS For All provides GPS tracking for personal and commercial use.  A unique unit is designed for each user.  Lunar GPS has its own server which protects the privacy of the user and allows for more reliable service, as well as real time tracking which is exclusive to Lunar GPS FOR ALL.  Lunar offers GPS tracking for diverse users’ needs, whether for an elderly, disabled or special needs family member, for a pet or for fleets of vehicles.



fleet  tracking

Lunar GPS For All offers real time tracking of your vehicles and your employees not available from any other company in the industry.

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personal  tracking

One special feature of Lunar GPS tracking is the capacity to know exactly where your family member is at all times.  If you have an elderly or incapacitated relative...

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pet  tracking

Never lose track of your pet!  Lunar GPS offers real time GPS tracking so that you always know where your pet is. A small simple GPS unit attached to your...

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Main features

live tracking

We offer tracking intervals as short as 5 seconds that enable to locate your vehicle in real time with absolutely no delays.

mobile app

With mobile apps that work across all platforms from Windows to Android to iOS locate your assets from anywhere and from any device

tracking portal

Our tracking portal can be completely customized to fit your needs. We are not a single solution provider. We make sure you track what you want and how you want it

user management

Manage and create new access to your account by allowing your employees to see what is needed and nothing more. With our system you have complete control over your business and loved ones.

build in alerts

You can customize alerts based on many criteria. From: location to excess speed, SOS buttons to something as simple as opening a door in the vehicle. Always stay on top of every aspect of our trackers sensors with alerts that you create.


Setting up alerts based on where you either don’t want a tracking unit to be in or out,  is as easy as navigating your email. You can set a designated boundary that will send you an alert the instant that unit leaves or enters that area.

activity history

Do you want to know where one of your assets have been? Well here at Lunar GPS we make it easy for you to get a detailed history of its routes and location. You can access back up to a year of location history.

The most user-friendly system in the industry


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